About us

During spring 2018 we discovered the fantastic atmosphere in the world of golf.

Being able to make new relations with interesting people, along with entering fantastic landscapes breathing freshly, while practicing what you love the most is totally amazing. On top of this is of course the fact that golf is a really fun but challenging sport, both in terms of mindset, concentration practice and physical improvements.

But despite all the wonderful positivity that amazed us, Louise felt that there was something missing.

She couldn't get rid of the thoughts she had about the trends and society, that golf still is a sport highly dominated by men, She believes that the sport is in the need of more women and communities for equals, inspiring each other. To add to this she had some trouble getting a wardrobe of golf clothes she liked, the lack of supply for younger women was a fact. The clothing were traditional clothes inspired by mens fashion or clothes with traditional fit. This was the original idea of a brand that really encouraged the amazing girls in golf, and supplied them with amazing garments. Building a network of golfing women, together being able to set trends and challenge old traditional patterns.

Clothes that really embrace the figures of females, with elegance or sporty modern
fashion, like other sports!

Lately the trend has been more clothes borrowed from other sports, but it is hard to find a brand that also embraces a sustainable and social responsibility. We want to be part of a sustainable, responsible, equal and transparent golf industry.

INDRA will focus on transparent communication, on degradable or innovative materials. A social responsibility of slow fashion.

INDRA Golf will be able to control and create transparency throughout the product flow, thereby building good relationships with both suppliers and our customers. We use suppliers located in Europe. There is so much more to do, and this is only the beginning.

So far, we can see an interest in the younger generation of women who have also been involved in our product development, where we make the adjustments requested with their help. By doing this we believe that we can create collections with passion and taste, rather than creating seasonal collections.

We are launching a basic collection where each garment (of course) are named after great female golf players that contributed to the sport, The idea was presented by a girl on our social media, who helped out when we asked our community to help out. We will of course offer a big size range; womens shapes are different and we want to give this opportunity to everyone that wants to glow in INDRA apparel.

In the near future our plan is to release several different colours in our basic collection, and at the same time expand with different and innovative garments.

Our community will be very important to INDRA, we want them to help us develop new products, do upgrades of current products and materials, and use their opinions in a lot of decisions.

We want to inspire not only by ourselves but by all the fantastic women that want to contribute to a better world and equal values, especially around the golf atmosphere.


What are your future plans for INDRA Sportswear?

To be able to support women all over the globe, supplying them with golf clothes made with passion. Creating a community where we can help out, express ourselves, sharing needs, ideas and creating bonds not only between us and our customers, but between them as well. A place for all equals, listening, sharing and working for them.